Mine planning

Almost 1 km below ground. That’s how far the bore hole goes in the Viscaria mine. And that’s just the beginning.

Movie about Viscarias mining zones

Viscarias tre gruvzoner A, B och D

The Viscaria mine deposit is divided into three zones and extends across 4 kilometres horizontally. Vertically, the ore bodies are mapped down to a depth of 800 metres. A lot of the mine passages that have been preserved from previous underground mining can be repaired and used again if the mine reopens. In addition, the mine’s infrastructure will then be expanded to reach all parts of the deposit. Under Copperstone’s management the mining is planned to take place both in open pits and underground. 

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How Viscaria will be a mine with minimal effects on the environment and climate
Through water purification, efficient use of resources and modern infrastructure and mining technology, the impact from mining at Viscaria will be minimal. Read more about our seven focus areas