Corporate governance

Nomination Committee

A Nomination Committee is appointed each year by the major shareholders in accordance with the instruction for the Nomination Committee adopted by the annual general meeting of shareholders. This instruction applies until the annual general meeting resolves otherwise. Pursuant to the instruction for the Nomination Committee, the Nomination Committee shall propose the following ahead of the annual general meeting or, if applicable, extraordinary general meeting: 

  1. proposal on members of the board of directors;
  2. proposal on remuneration to the members of the board of directors;
  3. proposal on auditor;
  4. proposal on the fees payable to the auditor;
  5. proposal on the chairman of the annual general meeting; and
  6. proposal on instructions/guidelines for the appointment of a Nomination Committee.

Nomination Committee 2022/2023

The Nomination Committee, appointed in accordance with the instruction for the Nomination Committee, consists of the following persons:

  1. Håkan Eriksson (JOHECO AB), Chair of the Nomination Committee
  2. Thomas von Koch (TomEnterprise AB)
  3. Håkan Roos (RoosGruppen AB)