A decent employer for everyone

Copperstone’s work environment efforts must be carried out preventively with a zero goal regarding accidents and work-related illnesses. The company’s work is based on relevant work environment legislation. but the goal is to exceed these external requirements and to apply the principle of continuous improvement within the organisation.

A strong culture of safety is the foundation behind everything we do and is created in the workplace together. Coordinating and running the work environment in daily operations is the responsibility of the manager but all employees have a personal responsibility to contribute to a good work environment and to work safely. New hires can familiarise themselves with Copperstone’s code of conduct and attend safety training, depending on where in the organisation they will be employed.

Equal opportunities for all

All employees must be given equal opportunities regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability, sexual orientation, or age. The work environment must be characterised by openness, and all individuals must be treated equally and with respect. The company has a zero tolerance policy towards discrimination, bullying, or harassment.


  • No serious accidents or long-term work-related illnesses
  • Information and training to be provided to all employees regarding health and safety
  • Low illness-related absence rate, <2%
  • Gender divide to be balanced across the organisation and on the management team