A fair employer for everyone

Our employees are Copperstone's most important resource, and equality and diversity are integral to the organisation.


At Copperstone, our employees are our most important resource, and it is our top priority to offer everyone a safe, pleasant and stimulating workplace. A good working environment is one that not only minimises the risk of ill health and injuries, but also ensures that the company’s employees are happy and have the opportunity to develop. A positive physical and psychosocial work environment contributes to happier employees and also increases our efficiency and profitability. Copperstone’s ambition is to be an attractive employer, with employees who are free from work-related ill health, have a good work-life balance and feel safe and proud when they go to work. Copperstone aims to create a culture where all employees feel motivated, and where no issue is too big or too small to raise. We believe that it is through discussion and openness that both personal and professional development flourishes.

Equal opportunities for all

All employees are offered equal opportunities regardless of gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or age. Copperstone’s working environment is characterised by openness, and all individuals are treated equally and with respect. The company does not accept any form of victimisation, bullying or harassment.

Safety at the workplace

Copperstone conducts preventive health and safety activities with a zero vision regarding accidents and work-related illnesses. The current legislation is the basis for all our work, but the aim is to exceed the external requirements and always to apply the principle of continuous improvement in the organisation. A strong safety culture is the foundation of everything we do, and something we create together in the workplace. Coordinating and managing health and safety in daily operations is the responsibility of the manager, but all employees have a personal responsibility to contribute to a good working environment and to work in a safe way. New employees receive Copperstone’s code of conduct and safety training dependant on where in the organisation the person will be working.


  • No serious accidents or long-term work-related illnesses
  • Information and training on safety and health are to be provided to all employees
  • Low levels of sickness leave, <2%
  • Gender balance in the organisation and in the management team