Climate and energy

Copperstone wants to achieve energy-efficient processes by making conscious technical choices in design and mining planning today when it comes to vehicles and future means of transport. We must also set strict requirements for purchased electricity.

Producing energy that respects biodiversity

Our ambition is to set specific requirements for origin labelling and taking biodiversity into consideration when we procure electricity. This way, we will contribute to increasing the demand for this type of electricity and will also help raise awareness around how energy production can affect biodiversity.

Upcoming requirements and regulations

There will also be increased demands from regulations such as the EU’s Taxonomy and from investors with regards to companies’ awareness of their environmental impact and in terms of working actively to reduce this throughout their value chain. Copperstone’s goal is to be at the forefront of environmental work and to thereby satisfy these requirements and expectations. Copperstone is not currently covered by the EU’s Taxonomy, but we are following its development.


  • Fossil-free transport and vehicles to be given priority in production
  • Streamlining total energy consumption in the business from start of production annually
  • Low CO2 emissions in line with Paris Agreement target of 1.5ºC global temperature rise
  • 95% of consumption to consist of origin-labelled, self-produced or recycled energy