Ethical business

All transactions entered into at Copperstone shall be characterized by transparency, integrity, and honesty. Human rights shall always be respected, and no violations will be tolerated in our operations or value chain.

Code of conduct

Copperstone’s Code of Conduct is based on the UN Global Compact’s principles relating to human rights,

anti-corruption, environment and labour and employment conditions. We work to ensure that all operations and business partners comply with these principles and actively work to uphold them at all levels. Copperstone has a zero tolerance policy on corruption, and all business transactions must be conducted with transparency, integrity and honesty. Human rights shall always be respected, and no violations shall occur in Copperstone’s operations or value chain. We work closely with our suppliers and aim to have long-term relationships with our contracted business partners.

Our Code of Conduct is the basis for all business relationships in the company, and all employees and suppliers must be aware of it. Everyone on the company’s premises is subject to the health, safety and environmental requirements described in the Code of Conduct and the Supplier Manual.

External whistleblowing system

In order to identify and act on signs of possible misconduct at an early stage, Copperstone has established an external whistleblowing system. All employees and partners have the possibility of reporting serious deviations from the law, Code of Conduct, etc. Reports can be submitted anonymously and are processed in accordance with our procedures. Here you find the function on our website.


  • All employees and suppliers must sign the company’s Code of Conduct
  • No human rights violations