Local collaborations

Close cooperation with local stakeholders is important for Copperstone's continued development.

A sense of pride in Kiruna

It is important for the further development of Copperstone that this is achieved together with the city and its inhabitants. In collaboration with Kiruna’s businesses, local authority and residents, we can contribute to the city’s continued development and establish pride in being a key player in Sweden’s transition to a fossil-free society. Copperstone has strong ties to the city and its history, as many of our employees have grown up here and have close connections to the schools, businesses and the community at large. This is also reflected in the company’s choice of headquarters, which is in Kiruna, and many of its employees live in Kiruna and the surrounding area. When the mine becomes operational, it is expected to create around 250 direct jobs. The aim is that many future employees will also choose to live and work in Kiruna.

Local cooperation

Copperstone’s strong connection to Kiruna and our desire to develop together with the community requires the company to work closely with local stakeholders in the city and local area. Copperstone’s strong desire to develop together with the community means that we have close cooperation with local stakeholders. This is why we prioritise cooperation and contracting with local suppliers and other partners in the area. The Kiruna Växer (Kiruna Grows) initiative, in which Copperstone has been active since 2021, is an example of good cooperation and commitment. Copperstone seeks to coexist with and respect the Sami community and culture in the area. We work to find solutions that are beneficial to all parties. Through continuous dialogue and consultation, we can strengthen the relationship and create the conditions for continued good cooperation with the Sami communities concerned.


  • Purchasing from partners with a local presence to benefit local business and community development
  • Contributing to the continued development of the local area