Local collaborations

If Copperstone is to continue to develop together with Kiruna, close cooperation with local stakeholders is a must. That’s why we need to prioritise collaborations and procurements with local suppliers and partners.

One example of good cooperation and engagement for the city is the Kiruna växer (Growing Kiruna) initiative which Copperstone has been an active part of since 2021. Copperstone will coexist with and respect the Sámi community and culture in the area, and we are working on identifying solutions that can be benefit all stakeholders. By maintaining a continuous dialogue and consultation with affected Sámi villages, Copperstone can work to strengthen the relationship and thereby create good conditions for further good cooperation.


  • Procurements from stakeholders with a local presence to be rewarded in order to benefit local business community and development of society
  • Contribute to continued development of the
  • local area