Sustainable business operations

An important prerequisite of responsible mining is that it is conducted in an economically sustainable manner, and that procedures and processes are in place to facilitate this.

Securing competence maintenance

As Copperstone’s operations develop and mining production starts up, we will need to recruit more employees to the company. We thus face the challenge of finding the right expertise to start up a modern, sustainable mine in Kiruna. It is therefore important for Copperstone to be perceived as an attractive employer from the very beginning and to establish a strong brand, both locally and nationally. The aim is to create career prospects with favourable working conditions and benefit packages for future employees. This includes offering internships or graduation projects to attract students and graduates to the company.

Laws and regulations

Compliance with laws and regulations is a matter of course for Copperstone. Sweden has strict regulations and requirements for mining operations, and we like that. The regulations ensure that mines in Sweden are operated with the highest possible standards in terms of environment, safety and working environment. Copperstone reports mineral resources and assets according to PERC 2017 to ensure a balanced assessment of the company’s deposits.


  • A fully evaluated, appropriate reporting system that provides the best framework for Copperstone to follow up on its sustainability work
  • Enabling attractive working conditions and benefit packages that can minimise commuting and secure competence maintenance