The world market

Global copper production generates 20 million tonnes per year. Chile is the largest producer and makes up 28 per cent of the market. In the last 50 years, copper use has tripled which has led to an increasing imbalance between supply and demand.

To a large extent, the increase is due to electrification and a need for locally produced copper when companies put stricter requirements on their value chains to reduce their environmental and social impact. In Europe, the gap between supply and demand is expected to be 1-4 million tonnes of copper by 2030. Today, 5 per cent of the world’s copper is produced in Europe, while the demand is 16 per cent.

Interest in exploration is closely linked to metal prices on the world market. Gold, copper and iron ore are the three most dominant metals and together account for about two-thirds of the total value of all metals produced.

Kraven på närproducerade råvaror ökar


Europa står för 16 % av den globala efterfrågan på koppar men genererar bara 5 % av världens kopparproduktion från gruvor.

Koppar leder elektricitet och värme mycket bra vilket gör metallen till en nödvändig råvara i moderna ekonomier och i uppbyggnaden av samhällen.