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For us, it is important to create a corporate culture based on trust, safety, having fun and well-being at work. The goal is to empower all employees and have an open and accepting environment which leads to people daring to take initiative, act and make decisions without being afraid of making a mistake. We strive to create a culture in which every employee feels motivated and no issue is too large or too small to raise. Personal and professional development is achieved through discussions and openness.

We aim to be an attractive workplace for everyone, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. As a result of this, internal policies are being produced the coming years and benefit packages will be arranged; all to create added value for employees and employers. It should feel meaningful to work here and fun to come to work every day!

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“During the year, our primary focus is on applying for an environmental permit in Q4 2021 that will be as well thought-out and thorough as possible. Our work is based on the goal of having an environmental permit approved within 12–18 months following the application, and we will continue to pursue the project in a responsible manner throughout this period. If the permit is approved, the project will enter a new phase focusing on detailed planning, project design and procurement activities. In addition, we will continue to recruit vital expertise to the company.

I look forward to further work with the open consultation and maintaining frequent communication with Sami communities, associations and the residents of Kiruna. Finally, I look forward to continuing to spread the word about our fantastic project and the potential it has, not only for Copperstone, but particularly for the city of Kiruna and all of its inhabitants. I am proud of the work we are doing today, and we strive to continue to contribute to the city of Kiruna.”

“We see it as an opportunity to produce copper in an environmentally sound manner, applying the latest and best environmental standards to operations that concluded 25 years ago at a time when antiquated after-treatment technology and less stringent requirements were applied. We will conduct operations in the area in accordance with modern legislation and deploy new technology, enabling improved environmental performance compared with the current situation. This is something that I am very proud of!

Since we will be operating mining activities partly in an area where the old mine was located (brownfield land), less untouched land (greenfield land) will be mined, thereby reducing the environmental impact of the operations. Producing copper in an area where the environment was previously impacted enables us to – with the help of new resources – tackle existing environmental problems and rectify a historical environmental debt.  Copperstone’s intention is to leave the land in a better environmental state than it inherited.”

“Copperstone’s establishment here is important for the community as we can create security and faith in the future for the entire district and for future generations. Kiruna currently has one major employer, and more opportunities will open up in the future in the same industry. Our ambition and something that is important to me, is to create solid relationships with the business community and other parties in the surrounding area.

For the year to come, I look forward to continuing to work with production, modelling and mineral resources, with the hope of expanding the resource models, which would also lead to a longer lifespan for the entire mine. We hope to obtain an environmental permit in accordance with our timeline, and we will continue the work with our great team.”


Copperstone is hiring. The company goal is to become a modern and responsible producing mining company through the reopening of the Viscaria mine in Kiruna, Sweden. The deposit’s high level of copper and the geographical location provides for extremely good prerequisites to become an important supplier of qualitative and responsible produced copper to customers who are driving the global change towards an electrified society. Our growing team of qualified experts has an intensive agenda for the coming months and we are recruiting. Are you the right person for us? We have the chance to create a unique Swedish industrial project – a modern copper extraction with sustainability in focus and 250-300 new local jobs when the mine is in full operational production.

Interested in applying for a job at Copperstone Resources? Send us an introduction about yourself, and we’ll get in touch if there is an open position that we see as a match.

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