In the table set forth below, the Copperstone Group Mineral Resources Table is the presented. The Company is currently working on the Mineral Resource Upgrade on the Viscaria D-zone subsequent to Sunstone’s drillings in 2017 + Copperstone phase 1 drillings at Viscaria of 7,945 meters (A, B D zones). Upgrade on the Viscaria A and B zones to follow subsequent to the infill drillings that is pending with Copperstone’s drill rig contractors Kati and ADC.

Copperstone is changing reporting standard from Fennoscandian Review Board (FRB) to the Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee (PERC) “PERC Reporting Standard 2017”. The PERC Reporting Standard is an international reporting standard that has been adopted by the mining associations in Sweden (SveMin), Finland (FinnMin) and Norway (Norsk Bergindustri), to be used for exploration and mining companies within the Nordic counties. The PERC standard has more clearly defined requirements on reporting and on Competent Persons. The change to PERC-standard is a process that will require a transition period. The current report is done as far as possible is accordance with the PERCstandard, but does not claim to be fully compliant. PERC 2017 is the current version of disclosure standards of the Pan-European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee, recommended for use by the Fennoscandian Association for Metals and Minerals Professionals. JORC 2012 is the current version of the disclosure standard of the Joint Ore Reserves Committee, mandatory for all companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the ASX. For more information visit the Copperstone website at www.copperstone.seQualified Person – The technical information herein has been reviewed by the Qualified Person of the Company (QP) Thomas Lindholm M. Sc., GeoVista AB, Luleå.