Viscaria and the surrounding area

The mine and the surrounding area

Mines in operation always characterise the local community. This is noticeable because the mining company uses land and builds new or utilises existing infrastructure. The establishment of mines can be revolutionary and affect both individuals and businesses while at the same time having an impact on ecology, flora, and fauna. These circumstances must be borne in mind at every stage of planning a mine’s activities.

As a Swedish listed company, Copperstone is keen to maintain the systems and laws that regulate mining in Sweden. As a Swedish listed company, Copperstone is keen to maintain the systems and laws that regulate mining in Sweden. With one foot in the mine and the other in the spectacular mountain world of Norrbotten, we support the high demands on activities affecting the environment. Therefore, our ambition is to start a responsible modern mining operation using the best available technology in mining, enrichment, and logistics. Feel free to read more about our work for the environment and sustainability here.

A collaboration that shall benefit everyone

At Copperstone, we are happy to be part of the journey that was initiated by Hjalmar Lundbohm and LKAB over a century ago. The exchange between Kiruna and LKAB’s operations has always been crucial for the flourishing of both the local community and LKAB. Tens of thousands of Kiruna residents have come into contact with the mine early in life and, over the years, have acquired mining expertise by working in a knowledge-bearing corporate culture. At Copperstone, we are grateful to work with several of these experts as we strive to reopen the Viscaria mine.

The mine is essential, but in order for a place to flourish, and to create security, inspiration, and value for the people who live there, other elements are also needed. Lundbohm was besides his strong commitment to LKAB widely known for his cultural and community involvement, a legacy we are happy to continue in parallel with our mining operations. In ongoing collaborations with businesses, municipalities, and residents, we must give back to the society that is crucial to our business. We want to create a thriving Kiruna region simply because it benefits everyone.