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  • 3 things you didn’t know about copper mineral


Copper is one the metals humans have been utilizing the longest. Even so, the majority of mankind is not familiar with any of the chemical element’s characteristics. So, what is so special about copper mineral?

What is a mineral?

Metals are a prerequisite for producing most products used in today’s modern society and are extracted from metallic minerals. But first of all, let’s define the term “mineral”. A mineral is a solid, inorganic substance that can be distinguished thanks to its chemical composition and crystal structure. To identify a certain kind of mineral, one has to look at a series of physical attributes. When a mineral is so precious it would be economically beneficial to extract it, it’s called an ore. In copper mining, twelve primary copper ores are being extracted.  

Mineral groups

As previously stated, minerals are classified according to their chemical composition. But the mineral groups can vary – in one kind of sorting, according to the group’s occurrence in the earth's crust, copper ores are common among sulphides, phosphates and chemical elements.

3 things you didn’t know about copper mineral

  1. Copper mineral is indispensable for every human’s nutrition system, since it plays a role in our blood cells’ transformation. To have a copper rich diet, try to eat enough salad, beans, potatoes and grains. But be careful– too much copper isn’t good for you either. It could cause anemia or even turn your feces blue!
  2. The color of copper is unique. It is actually only one of two known metals on the periodic table that has another nuance than silver –the only color-cousin copper has there is gold. Also, the mix of gold and copper results in rose gold, or “red gold”, but even 24 karat gold has some copper in it, since this makes the metal more stable.  
  3. Copper mineral turns into an earth-friendly material, in terms of being 100% recyclable without damaging the end product. This is a great thing, because copper is a part of multiple everyday commodities such as electrical wires, brass instruments, washers, dryers and plumbing systems. Furthermore, about 80% of copper products that have ever been produced are still in use.    

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