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  • Arvidsjaur, Sweden – The Front Door To Lappland


Approximately 50km southeast of the town of Arvidsjaur you find the location for the Copperstone project. We have named the drilling area Granliden partly because of the great extent of surrounding fir trees (“gran” in Swedish). Arvidsjaur Kommun (municipality) is situated in the beautiful northern parts of Sweden. Often referred to as the front door to Lappland.

This is Arvidsjaur

Sweden is one of Europe's most stretched out countries. Departing from Arvidsjaur you have to travel for about 700km to reach the capital, Stockholm. The region inhabits about 6 400 citizens. Although the amount of inhabitants are small, there have been living people on the surrounding area for a great amount of time. The first archaeological findings of humans can be traced all the way back to the Stone Age.

Swedish is of course the main language. But some people also keep on the long tradition of speaking Sami, which is the language of Sweden's indigenous people with the same name.

Landscape & wildlife

Arvidsjaur is all about nature. With a mix of deep forests, low mountains, lakes and rivers – Arvidsjaur’s beautiful landscape is a true feast for the eyes. Regardless of season, the region is a popular destination for tourists that are looking for fantastic hiking paths, hunting grounds, fishing, canoeing and other thrilling wildlife activities.

Copperstone Resources is proud to be a part of such a unique and lively region!

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Arvidsjaur Kommun, Sweden

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