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  • Copperstone Resources AB: Update On Permits

Danderyd March 4, 2019

Copperstone has been informed that an appeal against Sandberget 500 exploration permit has been filed at the Mining Inspectorate on March 1, 2019. If the appeal is considered legitimate, the case will be handed over to the Administrative Court (Sw: Förvaltningsdomstolen) which will decide on the appeal. All permits regarding the Copperstone project are valid up and until 2022.

In the meantime, the Company will continue to invest responsibly and sustainably for prosperity in Arvidsjaur municipality and expected within soon, Kiruna municipality. The application for work permits, including dispensation for driving in the terrain and core drill permits, will as always be conducted through the County Administration Board in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

For the sake of clarity, the Sandberget 500 exploration permit is valid, and an extract regarding Permits and Concessions from the Q4-report, released February 21, 2019, is attached below. The Company cannot recall any occasion when an exploration permit awarded by the Mining Inspectorate has been cancelled due to an appeal, and will follow the case closely.

Permits and Concessions

The Company is focused on base and precious metal exploration in the vicinity of the internationally recognized mining region of the Skellefte-field in northern Sweden. In this area Copperstone owns two exploitation concessions, namely Svartliden k no. 1 (36ha), Eva k no. 1 (34ha) and four nearby exploration permits, all valid until year 2022, namely Sandberget 200 (19ha), Sandberget 300 (19ha), Sandberget 400 (535ha*) and Sandberget 500 (7641ha*) to form a contiguous block with existing titles. The Copperstone project is based on 273 drillholes with an approximate total of 46,350m. In addition the Company also owns the Tvistbogruvan K no. 1 (11ha) exploitation concession and the Såggården No.1 (199ha) exploration permit in the Bergslagen mining region of central Sweden. Quoted surface areas are approximate to the nearest hectare. *Valid from February 11th 2019; a three-week objection period for land owners and stake holders pending.

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