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  • Five Short Facts about Swedish Copper

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Industrial Sweden has for a long time been known for its mineral mining. But how much do you really know about Swedish copper? Listed are five short facts!

1. Main mine –Swedish Copper
Sweden’s most important copper mine, historically, is without a doubt the one in Falun, Dalarna. Production began in the Viking Age, probably about 800 AD, and stoppen in 1992. Since 2001, it is marked as a World Heritage site thanks to its cultural and historical significance for Sweden and Europe.

2. 16th century Falun –Swedish Copper
In the middle of the 16th century, the Falun copper mine had become the biggest copper mine of the content. It truly was the main pillar of Swedish economy at the time, as well as Sweden’s largest employer.

3. 16th century Europe –Swedish Copper
In other parts of the continent, business also went well. Copper was Sweden’s primary export product and copperplate from Falun covered European cathedrals and castles, was used in Spanish coins and pennies and instead of gold standard, a copper standard monetary system was employed.

4. The Big Bang – of Swedish Copper
The intensive mining and roadway drivage led to a quite inevitable collapse. A large part of the mine fell in and created a great pit called “Stora stöten”, which in english could be translated to “Big Bang”. Miraculously, no one perish thanks to this happening on a national holiday and as previously stated, business was able to continue, interrupted sporadically by a few minor collapses, until 1992.

5. Today  – Swedish Copper
Today, about 10% of European copper is found in Sweden, and mining is concentrated to Bergslagen and the northern regions the country. But what about the mine in Falun? Even though copper production ceased some decades ago, the still produces something else very typical for Sweden: Falu rödfärg, the characteristic red color that cloaks a huge number of wooden houses and buildings in the country.

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