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  • Malå – 5 things you didn’t know about the small town!


We have already told you about Arvidsjaur and Skellefteå. Now it's time to give you some unique facts about another neighboring town to The Copperstone Project  – Malå.

1 – “Malå” means blood

The name of the town and municipality descend from Sami word Máláge and are translated to blood or sap. The Sami are regarded as the indigenous peoples of Sweden and has populated the northern parts of the country, Lappland, for thousands of years.  

2 – Doubled population since the sixties

In 1960 the small society of Malå had a total of ca 1 100 inhabitants. Today the population are doubled, nearly 2 100. The whole municipality inhabits 3 115.

3 - Malmfältsloppet

Not very surprising, winter sports are a big part of life in this often snowy region. The  cross-country skiing race (classic style) Malmfältsloppet is a yearly Malå tradition which was arranged for the first time in 1956. Like the first version of Malmfältsloppet, the latest race where held in ice cold february condition.

4 – The Lapland Giantess

Kristina Katarina Larsdotter was borned in a village just outside of Malå and gained world fame as “The Lapland Giantess – the tallest woman in the world”. She was Sami and measured a staggering 218 cm.

5 – Enjoy the slopes in Tjamstanbackarna

Right in the center of Malå town you find one of the regions most popular ski resorts. Besides 10 great slopes and 4 ski lifts, Tjamstanbackarna offers camping opportunities, a restaurant, cottages and a hotel.

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