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  • May 10 – The Swedish Parliament wants to shorten permit lead times in the Mines and Minerals industry

The Swedish Parliament has granted the motion raised by its Committee on Industry and Trade that the Swedish Government asap should take necessary actions in the intention of shortening and smoothening the lead times of processes within the Mines and Minerals Industry.

The Committee on Industry and Trade, in its motion emphasised that Sweden has to engage on an active mineral politics in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swedish Mines and Mineral’s industry. By doing so, Sweden could retain and strengthen its position as EU’s leading mining nation. Swedish natural resources should be exploited in a sustainable way, with special concern to ecological, social and cultural dimensions, so that Nature and Culture environments are preserved and developed. A competitive mining industry creates job opportunities and also a living country side. The processes lead times today within permits are considered to be extended over time, as well as allocated among different authorities.

”Sweden is renowned as a superior mining jurisdiction, in terms of geology, health, safety, environment, production efficiency, competence and infrastructure. Today’s decision in the Swedish Parliament with a clear aim to enabling shorter and smoother lead times regarding permitting processes within the Mines and Minerals industry, could ultimately prove to secure and strengthen the competitiveness in Swedish mining and among others attract and retain foreign direct investments. The effect for Copperstone’s projects as well as the multiplicator effect from a micro perspective would be substantial, implying significant additional employment opportunities in the local community for every future miner employed.”, comments CEO Michael Mattsson.

For further information, please contact CEO Michael Mattsson, +46 705 739 777,, or visit the Copperstone website at

This information was submitted for publication, through the above contact person’s agency, 07:15 CEST on May 10, 2019.

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