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  • Skelleftea – A Classic Mineral City


On the way to Arvidsjaur and Malå, where the Copperstone Project is situated, we stumble upon a classic Swedish mineral city – Skelleftea.

Beautifully placed by along the Swedish east coast, Skelleftea is regarded to be one of the most attractive cities in the northern parts of Sweden. About 76 000 people are living in Skelleftea municipality and the population are rapidly increasing every year. Major investments are starting to pay off. The region is currently experiencing the largest building boom in 20 years and are striving to reach 80 000 inhabitants by the year 2030.

Experience The Versatile Skelleftea

What to do in Skelleftea? Nature of course – explore the breathtaking Skelleftea archipelago, go cross country skiing, hike or take a trip to the nearby mountains. Sports are big part of the towns collective identity, with the local ice hockey team Skelleftea AIK in the forefront. Skelleftea is also the birthplace of many eminent swedish writers, artist and musicians.

Skelleftea Fields

Even though Skelleftea in recent decades have been a big player in the IT-sector, the city is still dependent on big industries. The famous mining company Boliden AB is still the biggest private employer and are producing copper, zinc and gold. The mining industry centers around Skelleftea Fields, which counts as one of the richest mineral areas in the world.

Discovered in 1920  

Today, Skelleftea fields consists of five mines. Since the start of exploration a total of 28 mines has seen the light of day. The potential of Skelleftea Fields was discovered in 1920 when valuable ore and sulfide minerals was detected. The beginning of a mining tradition that still to this day are thriving and defines Skelleftea.

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