Copperstone Resources: Technical report Svartliden and last preparations for deep core drillings

Copperstone Resources AB (Copperstone or the Company) hereby announces the complete technical report regarding the modelling of the alteration zones at Svartliden. The key findings support the hypothesis that has earlier been verified and the hypothesis is now further strengthened subsequent to identified minerals (e.g. sericite and pyrrhotite) in drill cores that have been verified through thin section analysis.

During the past three months, a detailed examination of 56 drill holes (approximately 7,000m of core) from the Svartliden area has been completed by an international team of geologists. During this period analysis of structural geological data, phyllic alteration patterns, and the identification and mapping of phreato-magmatic breccia bodies has been carried out. Detailed 3D modelling work (please see the complete report attached to this press release) has formed a number of common vectors that indicate the potential for blind porphyry-style Cu-Au-Zn mineralization at depth.

At Svartliden, mineralization is hosted mainly in a series of pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite veins.  It is postulated that fluids (liquid/gas at high temperatures and pressures) were trapped below a phyllic alteration cap associated with the rise of a granite-like intrusive stock.  Dynamic brecciation resulted in development of diatreme breccia and the subsequent dispersion of some mineralization out into the unaltered country rock. On-going mapping and modelling from the adjacent Eva gold-zinc rich massive pyrite mineralization bodies south of Svartliden has complimented this dynamic model.

At present it is expected, as from February, to commence a core drilling campaign including three bore holes, each of which at approx. 800 metres. The first hole aims at the expected broad and rich ore zone, beneath the assumed cap rock of the phyllic zone and is planned to be drilled to the northnortheast (NNE). The second hole is planned to be drilled from Svartliden into and beneath EVA southsouthwest (SSW). Localization and direction of the third hole will be decided given the experience of the initial holes. Drilling work will be complimented with downhole optical and geophysical studies. After the drilling at Svartliden, the Company plans similar analyses and drillings to be executed at Granliden Hill and Granliden South, due to similar characteristics, such as the size of mineralisation as well as high grades in drill cores at depth.

”It is our understanding that the Copperstone project, with Svartliden/EVA first out, is the most interesting mining exploration project currently under way in the Nordic region. The Company has, together with its international team of geologists, completed a significant amount of work in order to secure the correctness of the hypothesis, in order to facilitate a discovery of a blind copper gold porphyry mineralisation. We are, including related parties and our investors, ready to commence exploration drillings that Norrbotten and Sweden could benefit from during a very long period of time, and create headlines outside the Swedish borders,” comments Copperstone CEO Per Storm.

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Copperstone Resources AB (publ) is a mining exploration company focusing on the Copperstone project in the vicinity of the Skellefte field. This project has the potential to become one of the biggest base- and precious metal deposits in the Nordic Region.

Copperstone Resources has eight exploration tenements covering approx. 9260 acres and two mining concessions and one applied concession covering a total of 82 acres.

This press release have been revised and approved by the qualified person of the Company, Thomas Lindholm M Sc,

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