Viscaria kopparprojekt

During 2019, the Company acquired Viscaria deposit in Kiruna and accordingly, the Company’s strategy was revised. The goal is to become a modern and responsible producing mining company through the reopening of the Viscaria mine. The deposit’s high level of copper and the geographical location provides for extremely good prerequisites to become an important supplier of qualitative and responsible produced copper to customers who are driving the global change towards an electrified society.

Location, environment and community

The Viscaria Project area is located approximately 5 km west of the town of Kiruna – close to critical infrastructure, including the E10 highway, the Luleå-Kiruna-Narvik railway, and the established hydro-power grid.


The Arvidsjaur project (100% owned by Copperstone Resources) is located approximately 50km southeast of Arvidsjaur and 700km north of Stockholm in northern Sweden. Geologiskt hålls projektet inom vulkanogena suprakrustala bergarter av paleoproterozoisk ålder som är regionalt bundna av voluminösa kristallina granitintrång som utgör berggrunden för Fennoscandian Shield.