To identify and responsibly produce metals for sustainable development of the society.


To identify and develop mineral resources in the Nordic region and then in a long-term and sustainable way produce high-quality base and precious metals in close interaction with the local community.


Copperstone's strategy is

  • to focus on creating shareholder value in a low-risk jurisdiction, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, in coexistence with relevant stakeholders including the local community;
  • developing the Viscaria deposit into a copper mine producing around 25,000 tonnes of copper concentrate per year according to the above procedure;
  • to explore the Arvidsjaur project, a potentially very significant amount of base and precious metals of hydrothermal origin. Any mine opening is planned to take place only after the Viscaria mine has been reopened.
Copperstone will have restarted the Viscaria mine in 2023/24. Furthermore, Copperstone is continuously evaluating further mining development projects in the Nordic region.