The share

Consolidation of shares

Copperstone intends to carry out a so-called reverse split in mid-December where 20 existing shares are merged to 1 new share. The first day of trading after the reverse split will be determined after a formal resolution has been made by an extraordinary general meeting on 30 November 2023.

Copperstone’s Board of Directors has convened an Extraordinary General Meeting to decide on a reverse share split, where 20 existing shares are consolidated into 1 new share. The reverse split is expected to take effect in mid-December, after the shares have started trading on Nasdaq Stockholm Main Market. In connection with this, the shares will receive a new ISIN code.

After the reverse share split, the number of shares in Copperstone will amount to 90,080,342, each with a quota value of SEK 2.00 per share. The Company’s total share capital remains unchanged at SEK 180,160,682 after the reverse share split.

The Board’s complete proposal can be found in the notice here.