Our projects

Copperstone has operations and exploration activities in Viscaria, Arvidsjaur, and Tvistbo.

Viscaria (Cu-Fe)

Outside Kiruna, in a mining district counted among the world’s foremost, lies the Viscaria mine. Nearby, European Route 10, the Iron Ore Line, and the established hydroelectric power grid run. The location provides Viscaria with a strategic position for logistics and energy supply.

Arvidsjaur (Zn-Cu-Au-Ag)

Since 2010, Copperstone owns the Arvidsjaur project in the Skellefte Mining District. The area has a long history of exploration.

Tvistbo (Zn)

In Tvistbo, people have been mining ore on and off since the 1700s. Since Copperstone was granted an exploration permit, the area has been investigated through 38 core drillholes.