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For the latest five years Copperstone Resources AB has conducted active exploration and diamond core drillings in Arvidsjaur Kommun, Norrbotten County – situated in the northern parts of Sweden, the latest years in order to locate and prove the existence of porphyry copper mineralisation.  

This phase of ​mineral exploration​ started in 2016/2017 when the geological model as well as integrated geophysical surveys identified the potential of discovering porphyry-style copper mineralization in the Copperstone project area.

Since, the Company has increased its mineral resources and exploration target significantly, and the Copperstone project has the potential to write a new chapter in Swedish mineral exploration history.

In 2018/19 Copperstone acquired the PFS-stage project of Viscaria in Kiruna, containing 609,000 tons of copper (different classes) according to the JORC-code. Sunstone Metals Ltd is the new main owner of Copperstone and has representation on the Board of Directors, with proven track record of amongst others porphyry discoveries. Copperstone has never been larger or stronger than today. The goal is to bring Viscaria/Copperstone to becoming a significant copper producing company with an outstanding exploration upside in the years to come.

Arvidsjaur Kommun, Sweden

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  • The journey – discovering porphyry copper mineralisation in Sweden

Our mineral exploration of the Granliden area started in the beginning of 2017. In this timeline of The Copperstone Project you can see the progress so far, where we are at the moment, and what is waiting ahead.

In order to implement this programme new core-shed facilities have been established in Malå close to the project site and a team of four local field staff have been employed. They are overseen by the project geologist – Maurice Zongo who has ten years’ experience in exploration.

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  • Drilling to discover Cu porphyry
  • Current operations costing 30 MSEK - In progress
  • Inferred Resources / Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA)
  • Pre-Feasibility Studies (PFS)
  • Bankable Fesibility Studies (BFS)
  • About Copperstone Resources

Who are we? Copperstone Resources AB is listed on Nasdaq First North Stockholm and as of 31 December 2017 had 242 353 761 shares in issue.

We have a  long history in mineral exploration and are currently actively searching for a Cu porphyry in northern Sweden within the Arvidsjaur Kommun at our Copperstone Project.

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The Fraser Institute Survey of Mining Companies has for many years consistently ranked Sweden as one of the best countries regarding government policy on attitudes towards mineral exploration investment.

One thing is for certain, we’re in it for the long run. We want to build a strong and sustainable exploration presence in this part of the country. What will a potential porphyry copper discovery mean for Sweden and the Arvidsjaur region?

There is a need to invigorate and grow this frontier sector in line with overall national interests, and we play a vital role as a local business in that grand initiative

Chris McKnight
Director, Copperstone