Joining together for a strong and vibrant Kiruna

We are convinced that the journey forward will happen more quickly and be more meaningful if we actively contribute to the local community and its continued development. When Kiruna is doing well, so are we. It’s as simple as that!

Copperstone’s role in Kiruna makes us unique. We are a natural part of the city, which makes it easier to understand and take responsibility for all of the local area. The mine is important, but for a town to thrive it needs other elements to create safety and add value. So it’s important for us and our operations that the whole city has the chance to develop.

Of course we want to be a part of this work, and to contribute, both as a commercial player and as an active partner in different activities and initiatives within Kiruna’s business sector, culture, sports and outdoor recreation.

Involvement in society with positive signs

Kiruna växer

Copperstone is one of the initiators behind the financial association Kiruna Växer (Kiruna is Growing), which works on image and development activities, among other things. One example is the housing conference which is being organised in March 2023 to create interest among industry players about our part of the country and a housing market with a lot of potential.

Kiruna's outdoor life

We’ve been involved in financing the renovation of the Ädnamvaara cabin, which is a popular visitor attraction and essentially an institution in Kiruna’s outdoor recreation scene.

Artscape 2022

In the Artscape 2022 art project, memories of Kiruna have been transformed into street art in the form of six large scale murals in the communal urban environment. The project was an important part of Kiruna’s urban transformation. Copperstone’s financing helped to make the project possible.

Kirunas Snow Festival

Copperstone supports the profile-building activity Kiruna Snöfestival (Snow Festival) which highlights Kiruna’s role as a tourist destination with a focus on winter. The main feature is Kiruna’s International Snow Sculpture Competition, which attracts artists from around the world every year.


The Kirunafestivalen event is one part of the mission to put Kiruna on the cultural map with Copperstone as a sponsor.

Christmas decoration competition

Every November, a Christmas decoration competition is organised in Kiruna’s Industrial Area, guaranteed to light up and lift the mood before the countdown to the big holiday of the year. Copperstone is one of the sponsors of the event.


Among Kiruna växers initiatives is the cultural festival Kultura. The goal of the festival is to contribute to an increased quality of life for Kiruna's residents, and attract new people to live and work in Kiruna.