Future-proof mining

ReMining is a method for taking advantage of metals in ore that has already been mined, without interfering too much with nature. This means that pre-existing resources are exploited efficiently, and less strain is put on nature. By using mining waste such as gangue and tailings smartly, the material can be reused as building material and included in future reMining. For Copperstone, creating circularity in the business from both an environmental and a financial perspective makes sense because it requires fewer financial and environmental resources.

Smart mass handling and reuse reduce the need for resources and material purchases, which can reduce transport to and from the mining area when delivering and receiving materials. This work is vital to reducing the business’ total environmental impact and maintaining a high level in our environmental work.


  • Minimise the amount of water affected by processing or mining activities by diverting unaffected water
  • Create processes for improving water quality in the recipient, and minimise the risk of future leakage
  • Reuse masses (gangue and tailings) to enable resource-efficient, cost-effective production and logistics
  • reMining existing gangue and tailings pond from previous mining operations