Promoting biodiversity

Biodiversity must be taken into account when procuring contracts. Our ambition is to be able to influence how the entire supply chain deals with the issue.

Increasing external requirements

Our business intelligence analysis shows that the demands on companies’ work with biodiversity are increasing. These requirements come in the form of laws and regulations and from financiers. The EU Taxonomy is also having an impact as larger institutional investors place ever-stricter requirements on awareness, action plans, and reporting on compensatory measures. Therefore, for Copperstone, it is important to have a clear position on the issue from the outset and to work on maintaining the existing biodiversity in the area.


  • Actively participating in the industry organisation SveMin to develop a valuation model for biodiversity, with an ambition of implementing NetBioIndex and delivering an action plan for Nature Positive by no later than 2024
  • Setting requirements for work on biodiversity in the supply chain
  • Ecological compensation that has a net positive impact on the local environment
  • No serious environmental incidents in connection with the business