Promoting biodiversity

When procuring contracts, biodiversity needs to be taken into account. Our ambition is to be able to influence the whole supply chain's efforts in relation to this issue.

Conditions for biodiversity

Through ecological compensation and habitat restoration, Copperstone works to reduce the impact on wildlife and nature while helping to increase the chances of survival of red-listed species. As a member of SveMin, we can actively contribute to improving the conditions for biodiversity and act as a driving force in developing useful assessment models. Today, we are already collecting relevant data in order to ensure that the habitats affected by mining are properly compensated or restored. Biodiversity is also considered in contract procurement where the risk of impact is considered significant, and Copperstone’s ambition is to influence how the entire supply chain deals with the issue.

Increasing external requirements

Our environmental analysis shows that demands on companies’ efforts to promote biodiversity are increasing. The requirements derive partly from the EU taxonomy, while larger institutional investors are also setting stricter requirements in relation to awareness and action plans. It is therefore important for Copperstone to take a clear position on the issue from the outset, and to work to maintain the biodiversity in the area.


  • Active participation in the industry organisation SveMin to develop an assessment model for biodiversity. The ambition is to implement NetBioIndex and deliver an action plan for Nature Positive by 2024
  • Setting requirements for biodiversity activities in our supply chain
  • Implementing ecological compensation that results in a net positive impact in the local environment
  • No significant environmental incidents related to our activities