Time plan Viscaria

In Sweden, all mining activities are regulated through permitting processes, from exploration permits to land allocation. In March 2022, we submitted our application for an environmental permit, and on May 24, 2023, the county administrative board confirmed Viscaria's land allocation. On the same day, the Land and Environmental Court announced Copperstone's application for an environmental permit for the reopening of the Viscaria mine. This initiated the correspondence. The public part of the correspondence lasted until August 2023, followed by a period during which authorities have the opportunity to provide additional responses during an extended response time. November 10 was the last date for Copperstone to respond to these comments. During the process, we are at the same time preparing Copperstone's organization and logistics for the commencement of Viscaria's operations. The current timetable for the reopening of the Viscaria mine is available here.

From processing concession to mining operation (SWE)

The important permitting process

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Viscaria has a solid foundation and good prospects to be among the five percent of the world’s mines that are most