Metals for the future

In the transition to a low-carbon future, metals will play a key role. Our goal is to contribute towards the transition with modern and responsible mining operations.

The transition from fossil fuels to electricity means that society’s need for metals is expected to grow massively. The technologies that will replace fossil fuel options, such as solar power, wind power, e-mobility and batteries, all need metals to function. In the coming decade, the climate transition will be the single most important driving force behind an increased demand for a many different metals – and the higher the ambition level of the climate transition, the bigger the demand will be. 

The Swedish mining industry produces metals with less of a climate footprint than a lot of other places around the world. Swedish technology for mining, electrification and sustainability is world-leading and benefits from a successful research and innovation climate where industry and academia work together. By making and exporting responsibly produced metals, Swedish mining companies can take on a bigger global responsibility for the climate transition and contribute towards a better future.