Stakeholder dialogue and business intelligence analysis

Stakeholder dialogue

Copperstone conducts an active dialogue about sustainability work with external and internal stakeholders. Through the dialogue, Copperstone can create a clearer picture of which sustainability areas the stakeholders perceive as essential for Copperstone to work with. The dialogue will also be helpful in Copperstone’s continued strategy work and goal formulations.

Business intelligence analysis

In 2021, we carried out an external analysis. The goal was to increase understanding of the global and local context in which Copperstone finds itself. This included good examples from the industry and how they choose to work with sustainability. Through the analysis, we have created a picture of the market’s expectations, regulations and future legal requirements. Through our seven selected focus areas, we can work to meet expectations in a smart and efficient way.

Copperstone has a good foundation and good prospects of being able to be part of the five percent of the world’s most carbon dioxide efficient mines.